The Grand-Millstone Vizir Recep Tayyip Erdogan presents a university with his name

Publication date : January 21, 2013

This is a joke (but the university and the person exist well enough.)

My dear compatriots, it was out of the question that there should exist a Sabanci University in Istanbul, a Middle East Technical University in Ankara (where 1,000 students protested against my visit on the 18th December 2012), and yet not anywhere a Recep Tayyip Erdogan University! It is now time for me to make the best use of the Al-Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights. Despite being minded to repress any opposition, across the whole territory, I can not, however, allow a single drop of blood to be spilt on my own university, founded in 2006 in Rize, the town of my birth, in north-east Turkey, next to the Black Sea, in West Armenia. The following university programme will ignite, I hope, the sympathy of those who defend foreign human and intellectual rights, whose words I appreciate because their compliments do not represent a too heavy load for the Turkish economy, compared to the military material that we buy from them to repress our population.

Programme of The Grand-Millstone Vizir Recep Tayyip Erdogan University

  1. Organisation of Turkish Terror (repression of students, civilians and minorities, imprisonment and murder)
  2. Faculty of Fishing Out Erdogan’s Opponents (go directly to prison)
  3. Faculty of the Scientific Administration of Armenian Massacres
  4. Education in the Denial of the Armenian Genocide
  5. Literature and Languages (Xenophobic and Anti-Semite)
  6. Centre for the Professional Training of Anti-Kurd Repressors
  7. Social Work (corruption of European journalists)

ANNEX of the Grand-Millstone Vizir Recep Tayyip Erdogan

List of Turkish students at the Middle East Technical University detained by the police in accordance with government orders. Mert Atmaca, Mustafa Bozkurt, Hasan Koç, Hüseyin Koç (Kaldırac magazine), İlhan Aslan (Socialist Democracy Youth), Can Kaya (Hacettepe University, Students Collective), Cem Dursun, Batuhan Demirci (Youth Federation), Güven Kazım Altunkaya, İlhan Şen, Sercan Çınar (METU Mountain and Winter Sports Club, Greens and Left Future Party) and Bedirhan Şen.

List of researchers and teachers at the Grand-Millstone Vizir Recep Tayyip Erdogan University Yasin Yalcin, Şengül Atasoy, Mehmet Küçük, Oğuzhan Ye şilçiçek, Suleyman Turan, Ahmet Azaklı, İlyas Yildirim, Cahit Iskender, Sinan Başaran, İrfan Polat, Orhan Kemal Tavukcu, Canan Yıldırım, Muhammed Kızılgeçit, Zeki Karataş, Turan Yuksek, Isa Bilginoğlu, Tuncay Yeşilçiçek, Hatice Bal, Nazlı Berberoğlu, Erol Subaşi, Kubra Mert, Zeynep Zehra Ipek


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