Turkey wants to engage in dialogue with imprisoned Kurds

Publication date : January 21, 2013

The speech of Gogoglu Efendi, President of the Apocalypse: “The farewells that I today address to the hunger-striking Kurds imprisoned in Turkey, must not be marked by the sadness of permanent departures. “My colleagues, my friends and myself all know well that the imprisoned Kurds still have a fruitful future before them. That is why our farewells remain full of hope. “Our best writers, members of the MHP, the CHP and the AKP have written about the Kurdish cause in authoritative works. “Our political parties, hearing of the incredible destiny of the Kurdish hunger strikers, have doubled their efforts to anathematize all other Kurds. “As for our government, it has shown favour to the Kurds by creating new prisons that are, today, a raging success, above all the newest which I, regrettably, still have not been able to visit. “Although I will not dwell on such bitter regrets… “Most excellent Kurds, you will now disappear! The President, his friends and his colleagues demand it of you. In leaving know that you take with you our most sincere affection. Tell Europe and the United States of the joy we had in annihilating you for our common cause.”

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