Turkish Ambassador: Baku can liberate the territories occupied by Azerbaijan

Publication date : January 21, 2013

According to a dispatch from an Azerbaijani press agency, the Turkish ambassador in ethnically-cleansed Azerbaijan has declared, to a team of international reporters in Baku, that Azerbaijan was “perfectly capable of liberating its territories from the Azerbaijani occupation…” “As you know, Ankara has supported the actions of the Minsk Group since 1992. Still, the current situation worries me. Indeed, I have noticed that 80% of the Azerbaijani territory is occupied, arbitrarily, by Azerbaijan, and the Aliyev Foundation is taking every possible measure concerning the present situation. “The current ceasefire must therefore be used to liberate these territories from Azerbaijani occupation, starting with Baku and its neighbouring regions, followed by all territories arbitrarily occupied by Azerbaijan. This will allow the easing of tensions in the region. “The occupation of the territories, between the Caspian sea and Artsakh, by the Ilham Aliyev regime must end immediately. The Azeri troops must evacuate their population through the Caspian Sea and try not to massacre their own civilians as they did in Khojaly. The population of Nakhchivan will leave through Iran. “The Armenians will take over all military, energy and civil infrastructure left by Azerbaijan, in what will now be known as East Armenia. They can even convert Aliyev’s palace into a theme park.” An Armenian diplomat added: “This Turkish ambassador is only restating the evidence. No country has the right to occupy Armenian territory like this. It is therefore time for Azerbaijanis to pack their bags. Any transport costs will be taken care of by the Aliyev Foundation.”

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